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21 February 2010

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After several weeks of clandestine preparations, hushed conversations, and secret shopping excursions, my sister and I successfully pulled off a surprise birthday party for our mum last night. Definitely the best day of the year so far. Isn’t it wonderful when everything just comes together?

With such delightful company it probably wouldn’t have mattered if we had just served a few bowls of crisps alongside the drinks, however as always, my mind was firmly fixed on the food. I was really pleased with how everything turned out (and SO grateful to a couple of my friends who helped out in the kitchen – couldn’t have done it without them). Professional caterers we are not, but I’m pretty sure no one went away hungry!

What we cooked:

Cheese savouries
Bocconcini in parma ham
Vodka-marinated cherry tomatoes with lemon dipping salt

Chicken sultan
Couscous with apricots and pine nuts
Green beans in lemon and pepper dressing
Flour tortillas

Rose cupcakes

Chocolate truffles
Sherbet lemon marshmallows

I will be featuring some of the recipes here over the next few weeks. Today I’m taking a break from cooking… 🙂

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